Noon Patrol: The Wrong Way to Have Fun


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Some climbers wake before dawn to climb at empty crags. Kevin Corrigan sleeps in and shows up when those people go home. Noon Patrol is his monthly column about how climbers should have more fun, be nicer, and take the sport less seriously. For Kevin’s humor columns, see Unsent.

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Sarah Moore throws to a big hold on The Whigg (5.12a), Trappers Camp, Missouri. The grin on her face suggests that she's doing it right. Photo: Andrew Burr

In my seven years of climbing, I have noticed two disparate things about our community. First, climbers like to revel in the pointlessness of our endeavor. We are, per the title of Lionel Terray’s classic book, “conquistadors of the useless.” George Mallory is often quoted (out of context) as saying he climbed Everest “because it was there.” We climb up to come back down. Climbing contributes nothing to the world; it’s a nihilistic, solipsistic pursuit.