The Peanut Gallery: The 50 Greatest Climbing Achievements...By Americans in the Last 25 Years


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Julie “Peanut” Ellison is the Editor at Large for Climbing. She often gets worked up about things she reads on the Internet and then falls asleep mumbling to herself about it. The Peanut Gallery is her monthly column.

With so many notable ascents in 2017, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at climbing history and compile the biggest achievements in our sport. Then I realized that between global alpine, trad, sport, bouldering, big wall, ice, and competition achievements, there were way too many first this's and biggest that's to make a truly comprehensive list. But I made one anyway. Here's my subjective, snarky, and not very factual ranking of the greatest climbing achievements by Americans (and one Canadian) in the last 25 years.